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Wet - Dry Coolers

Wet - Dry Coolers

SonSistem continues to provide the cooler needs of plastic, Energy, Chemical sectors by expanding its quality borders, for that reason, SonSistem carries on producing the dry-wet coolers by making its devices more reliable and usable. Dry-wet coolers are very useful in countries such as Turkey, which placed in high temperature zone land, by saving large amounts of energy transfers.

Especially these coolers are very succesful in low humidity conditions For example, Plastic Industry is the most suitable usage area for drywet coolers because of the need of usin coolers in that industry.

3In Plastic Indusry It is important to choose carefully which method will be used because of the energy efficiency. The use of chiller in the plastic moulds is necessary and mandatory for efficiency and a plastic product of good quality. But to operate orderly, also machine oil must be cooled down.

Otherwise the performance will reduce and abrasion increase. These problems will be solved by cooling down the machine oil as well. There must be a 29C/35C cooler water fort he cooling process. It is wrong to use expensive chiller water in the maching oil cooling process.

* The cooler battery must be produced according to industrialconditons. 

* The materials must be chosen and used according to the environment.

* Aluminum paddles must have the proper cover for corrosion and UV endurance. 

* In corrosive conditions epoxy cover, in higeh corrosive conditions epoxy+polyurethane cover 

options must be used. 

* The paddles must be durable, they must not be weared out. 

* It is recommended 0,140,25 gauge. It must be considered that more gauge means more duration. * Electrostatic paint galvanise iron plate material is the minimumoption. 

* Stainlessmaterial is recommended only fort he erosive conditions. 

* The battery construction self-carriable. 

* When in connection with the cell, the air must not result a short circuit when fan working, by-pass must be prevented and seperatormust be used. 

* If the spraying water sprinkle directly lamels, the water must be ionized. 

* There must be placed a graded termostat efor energy efficiency. 

* Tubeaxiel fans must have high efficiency. 

* For efficiency double circulation or speed limiter systems must be chosen