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Water Cooling Towers


Water-cooling towers with tubeaxial fan consist ofsections thatare give below:

Hot Water Distribution Systems    

The long-lasting operating life and minimum pumup pressure are provided with hot galvanise or epoxy steel construction, smooth flow, closed top, overflowed equpped. Smooth waterflov is made by special designed poryproplen sprinklers.

AirInlet Shutters
Made out of hot galvanise or epoxy steel construction air inlet shutters, designed to reduce icing to minimum.

Tower Body
Design and construction could take the weight. Tower body, pools and upper body. It is stainless against oxydation and it could be covered in hot galvanised steel only for special request

Inlet - Outlet Manifold
Hot water inlet is adjusted to upper pool, cold water outlet is adjusted to lower pool.

It consists of evoporation preventers and carrying equipments.

It is produced from corrosion strength material and it operates effectively and silently. full balanced as dynamic, static. Up to SSAFK 19(except 19 model) it comes with its belt and stretcher equipment.

Fan Safe
It is produced as demountable in an aerodynamic cirle profiled iron pitch to prevent from foreign materials

Fan Cylinder
It is designed to ensuer the air enters easily by that way to operate the tower more effectively.

Diagonal Seperator
This seperator which is made out of polystyrene, dictates the air so that the low energy can be absorbed. Control and the maintenance is very easy. By being adjusted in two sides, they can easily hold the air inside the water. Float loss is under the %02. Saperators are specialy made ouf of PVC. As a PVC interior stuffing, polystyrene curler stuffing can be used which is durable up to %80C.

Water Filter
It is adjusted to the pool absorption to clean the water that goes to the pumps

SSAFK 13 - 19 Tower Specifications

3 tablo                                                .

SSAFK 21 - 37  Tower Specifications

4 tablo

SSAFK 150 - 175 Tower Specifications5 tablo