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Package Type Water Chillers

Package type cool water generators

This devices are for industrial plants in need of cold water, plastic grouting machines, flor based grouting machines, plastic inflation machines, matal grouting machines, extruder lines, section-cable tube drawing machines, spot welder machines and closed circuit climate systems. It is preferred for their maintainabiliy and their non-stop technical service of good quality.

This devices are also pre-ferred for their time saving features and to make quality enhancement up to %20-25. This device operates in closed circuit and by that way it is %0 water loss and sludge and surface calcification in the system.


Technical Details


In our devices, hermetic compressors and half-hermetic compressors are used. The big capacity compressors are capacity controlled and they have a sump heater and a safe relay. In Suction and Deprsss outputs vibration receiver absorbers are used and they operate in 380v-50hz line voltage.     


Air-cooled condenser is used. This condenser, which is produced in European originated aliminium palet cover glass tubes, feeds the evoporator by means of its silenced, low sound level tubeaxial fans providing the freon gas liquefy. 


Control panel is placed on the device and it is used Italy originated thermostat-termometer. This panel provides the device to operate full automatic and full secured


It is mechanical sealing compound providing high efficiency. It is used to depress the water which it has taken from the water system by circulating it inside the depot. 


Shell and tube covered in outside steel inside European originated copper tubed stainless valance, operates in high efficiency. 


It is the tank in which water is stored. this tank is produced from stainless iron plate and its heat flow is prevented by insulating with imported india rubber. 


Because of bottom base is produced from stainless iron plate, which is made out of electro-static siliconized paint, it is made strong to outer effects.


All security precautions is taken by means of using the products which are Euroean originated; phase-protected relay, flow-swicht and freezing termostate, to operate the device in full capacity