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Cold Storage

Cold Storage

How must be a cold depot?

How To Use Cold Storage Rooms More Effectively? Firstly, it must be considered that the products which will be stored in the same room must be the products that will not effect each other. It must be a shelf based storage system to make possible the air circulation in the room.

When loading in pallets, there will be at least 15 cm spacing from the walls and 10 cm spacing between each pallet.The door must not be left open and only must be opened in need. There must be used PVC safe in the doors. The loading height must not be higher than 20 cm under the cooler.

odaPolyurethane Filled Cold Depot Panels Areas of Usage

* Every Kind of Food Production Facilities
* İntegrated meat plants
* Milk and milk products foundations
* Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
* Agriculture and stockbreeding industry, Especiallyi in  poultry husbandry
* Every kind of fruit and vegetables cultivation, storage facilities
* Hotels and tourist facilities
* Restaurants and catering facilities.

The ideal choice for cold depots and in-facility sections of these facilities is polyurethane filled panel. In Son Sistem cold depot and integrated facilites, the turnkey projects are followed through with its own assembly workers. 

How Must Be a Cold Depot?

There are 4 main elements for a good cold storage.

* Isolation
* Sufficient Demand Capacity
* Suitable Depot for the Product
* Suitable cool-system

The most important of all elements is that, there must made the right isoltion. Up to these days there has been used various materials for isolation, it is now clear that the most suitable material of all is polyurethane filled panels. Our country in where the energy cost is very high, if the right isolation had not been done, even the best device is used, the demanded performance and demanded condi-tions will not be acquired and opertaing cost will bw very high By considering this very point, Son Sistem is putting into service its product providing the most suitable isolation, especially using the panels which are developed for cold depots.

oda2Industrial Cold Depot Panels 
Wall and Floor panel are manufactured with. 42 (+/-2) dansity polyurethane by injection system which each side covored galvanized sheet metal and surfacepainted polyester cooted. Panel surface material is not limited to poliester, optionally it could be PVC CrNi,Plastisol and Galvanise Iron Plate.Wall panels produced in special box system. Not only it provides the acoordance bet-ween roof shelves, but also it prevents a heat-bridge between the panels.