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Friday, 02 January 2015 09:08

Welcome to SonSistem

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logo icerikWelcome to Son Sistem...
Our firm which launched itself into business world as firms of different scopes is a firm that attaches great importance to the customer himself with the aim of performing every kind of feasible change by taking the specifications indicated by the customers into account within the scope of heating and cooling sector under the trade name of “Son Sistem”

As a firm, our duty is to set up HVAC mechanical installations and central air conditioning systems,cold storage facilities and to create design climatic areas by improving our products on a continual basis with the help of our expert staff without making concessions on quality through our remarkably large service nets. We are determined to stand by you so as to undertake your enterprises bearing the aim of having a healthy improvement together with success.

Son Sistem, as in the past, will go an retaining its motto in that it will be a real guaranty for your qualified work both in home and abroad markets. We will always back you up related to your robust productive investments. We will only take delight in sharing your happiness you will enjoy as a result of your successful work and we will go on sheding light on matters concerning with our working scope for your investments.

Our Fields of Activite

*HVAC Mechanical installion system
* HVAC Airhanling units system
* Cold strage system
* Industrial cold room plants
* Air cooled water cooling groups
* Water cooled water cooling groups
* Package type cold water producers
* Flake ice makers
* Cultivated mushroom with production shelf systems
* Tube axias fanned water cooler towers
* Radial fanned water cooler towers
* Closed - Circuit water cooler towers
* Maintenance and repair
* Commitment & Engineering services